Our Program

Pinning down your future

The goal of our Pinning down your future program is to create visibility for student athletes with college, especially those with wrestling programs.

We are focusing on the following areas to achieve our goal.

Reporting & Statistics

CementJob was started 20 years ago to report PIAA District 5 wrestling results. From there, we have grown to report results from across the state. Within the past few years, we have added video to our live audio streams.

We operate the following websites:

  • CementJob - Our main reporting website, dedicated to wrestling.
  • PA Sports Network - Coming soon, this new site is looking to expand our coverage.
  • Keystone.Live API - Our application programming interface (API) provides real-time data to CementJob and future projects.

Application Builder

A new addition to CementJob for senior high-school student-athletes. More information coming soon!


Our scholarship program will provide grants for:

  • High education, towards books and other education materials
  • Attendance to wrestling camps, workshops, and seminars
  • Wrestling equipment for individuals, coaches, and teams

Our current roadmap has this part of the program launching next season.

Software Engineering Apprenticeship

Our apprenticeship program will be for high-school graduates looking to become a software engineer with a focus on web and application design, development, and deployment.


Our internships are being designed for high-school seniors and college juniors and seniors to teach or strengthen the fundamental skills of sports writing, photography, and announcing.


Support student athletes

100% of your tax-deductable contribution goes towards our mission of broadcasting high-school wrestling and our web platform.

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We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, EIN 47‑3650723. All contributions are tax deductible. No goods or services will be provided in exchange for a contribution.

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